The One That Got Away

“…the one that got away, guys have that and serial killers have that. I had the truck lined with garbage bags but then she got away”

I wonder if there’s really that one person, that one love you can’t escape, that would take away a parcel of your heart and squeeze its way into your thoughts every once in a while.

When you’re oh-so-happy with a new love, I wonder if in the midst of your calm and bliss someone would sneak into the corners of your mind and make you wonder about how he’s doing.

That glorious moment when you walk down the aisle in a beautiful white dress, I wonder if there’s someone who would steal a miniscule of your thought and make you hesitate for a fleeting moment.

Like a breeze that blows right through you as you sit content into the porch of your home on a lazy afternoon, that makes you wonder if you also brush that other person’s thought the same way he brushes yours.

As you stare into that mirror, feeling nostalgic over your first strand of silver hair, I wonder if there’s that one person who would make you see a hint of regret right through those old weary eyes and make you wonder ‘what if’?

And as you heaved your last breath, I wonder if an image of that one who got away would be the last one to cross your mind, while you wonder in that final second of your life if you touched his life the same way he touched yours.

I drift away into all these thoughts and wonder if ten, twenty, or fifty years from now I’d still think of you the same way I am thinking of you right now…