Love is A Crazy Thing

When you love someone, how often do you find yourself looking for reasons not to love?

Often times you look for flaws, just to assure yourself that he is not perfect.

You count his mistakes, just to keep a record of how many times you have been wronged.

You make such a big deal out of his blunders, just to point out how awful he is.

On very rare days you fall out of love, you try so hard to nurture that feeling of oblivion.

At times you find another prospect to love, you open yourself to possibilities just to guarantee that he’s not the only one.

And there are those moments when you just want to… STOP.

BUT you know that no matter how many flaws you’ll see, your heart will always look at him perfectly.

No matter how many times he has wronged you, a simple gesture would make you erase all those records of wrongs.

In every mistake he makes, you incessantly make excuses for him just so he won’t be wrong, because you want him to be always right.

That feeling of oblivion lasts for just a fleeting moment and the instant you see his face, his smile, you’ll just laugh at the absurdity of such thought.

When you find another one that makes your heart flutter, you suddenly find yourself babble about how your heart is already set hard on someone.

You know there’s no stopping.

Sometimes love becomes insatiable that it leaves you with a void that can never be quenched.

And because it cannot be quenched you go into hoping that it would just disappear.

Yet as strong as that hope is the desire to hold on and never let go.

Love is a crazy thing. 😉

“Love strays away, but at the end of the day it finds its way back to where it truly belongs :)”