“There’s a world out there—one of colors and wonders.

In that barren land is a solitary seed,

One that is destined to sprout and bring hope to this world of broken hearts.”

It all started with a quest, driven by such a powerful longing of the beating heart.

It was fabricated in a trance, a world of make belief built in a subconscious state of mind.

It ended in a dream come true, were fireworks are lit in the vast dark sky to proclaim the birth of a love found, and bound to last for eternity.

But not all fairy tales are bound to have this happy ending.

Not all stories are written to convene in such a majestic finale.

There’s always a downside in everything.

A rotten piece in a basket of fruits.

There’s always the other face of the story,

The other side of the coin.

Here it goes…

Brave souls…

Dared to love and took the risk,

Closed their eyes and simply believed

Woke up one day and stumbled,

Stumbled into the chasm of broken reveries.

From that day on, they altered lanes,

Loathing love became their discourse.

Hope turned into impossibility,

Tears kept flowing for perpetuity.

The love at hand turned into illusion,

Memories became figments of the imagination.

He who’s sought after strayed away,

Left a lonely heart in a state of dismay.

And the world so vindictive, unveiled its wrath

Tormented a naïve heart and stripped it off its quintessence.

And she who loved had been forsaken,

Left with nothing but…

A wounded heart, a hollow soul, and that undying piece of hope.

Yet despite the obstacles, TRUE love prevails.

While other Prince Charming lost their ways into blind alleys,

There are those princesses who’ve just walked right through the castle of their dreams.

Some things are too good-to-be-true.

Love is.

But LOVE can be true.

There’s always the other face of the story,

The other side of the coin.

Here it goes…

To all those who have tumbled into the chasm of broken reveries,

to all those who have whispered to themselves these woes of hopelessness:

“There’s no Prince Charming,

No piece of glass shoes,

No happily ever afters…”

To those who dared to love and had their hearts broken,

I tell you this:

Get up.

Cheer up.

Stray away from the abyss of despair.

There’s a world out there.

A world of colors,

A world of wonders,

A barren world drenched by the infinite droplets of LOVE.


A Love that does not hurt.

A love that is neither too much nor too little.

A love that is just ENOUGH.


to create wonders in those moments of stillness

to melt a heart with just a simple smile.

to create something out of sweet nothings.

to change a world with those three magical words.

A love that does not lie side by side with hurt.

Nor devoured by jealousy and doubt.

A love that is not conjured by deceit and lies.

Nor stained by animosity and bitterness.

Simply put:

A LOVE that simply is.

No I’m not speaking of the LOVE fabricated in fictions and fairy tales.

I’m talking about love.

REAL love.

A love that endures.

A love that changes.

A love that lasts.

It just hit me.=)