Perhaps life is all about fixing broken things. Some people we meet by accident to make us, others on purpose to break us. So that we can pick up the pieces and start again. Maybe because we are strongest after we have been shattered, maybe because we are at our best after we have survived the worst.

Time they say heals all broken things. In time you’ll learn the hard way that it doesn’t. You close your eyes, hoping to wake up when it’s all over. And then you open your eyes to the truth that nothing is. Just because you shut things out doesn’t mean they’d go away. You only let life pass you by, and there goes the years you cannot take back, the moments you cannot live again.

Perhaps the only way to deal with pain is to hurt until it hurts no more. Perhaps the only way to stop breaking is to break until you can be broken no longer. But where do you find the courage to carry on when all you got left inside you is fear? Fear cripples. And i know now a thing worse than fear, living in fear for so long.

We blame the gods, we blame the people, but at the end of the day we know that we only have ourselves to deal with our own circumstances.