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Hey, I want to get it right with YOU!

I always do things wrong..

I stutter when I speak

I fall down when I run, scraping my knees a lot

I can’t carry a tune nor dance to the simplest beat

But it doesn’t really matter, cause I feel RIGHT when I’m with you.

I’m not even close to perfect..

My hair is all messed up, my laugh’s a little freaky

My stature’s a little awkward, my mannerisms odd

My strides are awfully jagged and my waddle’s just as clumsy

But I never really give a damn, cause I feel just as PERFECT when I’m with you.

I never grow up..

Giddy and silly, childish in every way

Jammed in make-belief, forever stuck in fantasy

Irrational and stubborn, still frivolous over amusements and candies

But I never really felt the need to grow up, cause being silly feels so GOOD when you’re around.

I’m a coward deep down the bones.

I run away from the fire I started instead of putting it off

Do a lot of big things wrong and just lie about it

Still afraid of the dark, always hiding under a safety blanket

But I was never really scared, cause I feel so BRAVE when I’m with you.

I’m a magnet for mistakes..

I spill the water a million times

Break the dishes and slip a lot

Do the math and never get the equation right

But i don’t really mind, cause I feel IMPECCABLE when you’re around.

I suck in a gazillion ways and I don’t care.

Cause there’s only one thing in this world I want to get right:

Hey.. I want to get it right with you! 🙂


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